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Bubblegum 8 Pack Joints

Bubblegum 8 Pack Joints

Indulge in our premium Pre-Rolled Cannabis Joints, featuring the best of both worlds. In our 8-pack tin, discover the delightful Bubblegum strain in each meticulously rolled joint, with 0.625 grams of pure bliss per unit and a total of 5 grams per pack. Renowned for its sweet and fruity profile reminiscent of classic bubblegum, this strain offers an enticing aroma that complements the smoothness of each puff. Enhancing your experience, the tin includes a custom-branded book of matches and a humidity pack, ensuring freshness and convenience. Elevate your cannabis ritual with this thoughtfully designed combination of flavorful Bubblegum strain and meticulously crafted pre-rolls, where quality, convenience, and branding converge for an unmatched smoking experience.


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